Brent Powell

About me:

In my dayjob, my role is IT Technician for TREC Inc., an environmental engineering and management firm located in the beautiful town of Bozeman, MT. During all other hours, I enjoy being a husband, taking photos, making videos, playing (and teaching) guitar and being a part of a local church family.

What I do:

I make things. Sometimes it's a table, or a website, a song or even an occasional joke. What most people know (and pay) me for are my skills in web design, photography and video work. You can easily see my work, and the work of my wife at thePowell Blog and the Powell Media Co. website!

Why I do it:

I have been endowed by the creator God with many gifts and talents, and as an act of worship to this God, I use these gifts to honor Him and the rest of His creation.